Translation, interpreting and transcription

“The spirit of a language is most clearly revealed in its untranslatable words.”
Marie Freifrau von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830-1916), Austrian author


We are happy to rise to this challenge, because language means communication and is vital to the success of your business.

In our language training we specialise in five key languages. We offer translation, interpreting and transcription services in a wide range of languages.


Our certified translators are experts in finding exactly the right words and terminology. They have a keen eye for detail and are fast and flexible – especially when you have a rush job.  Whether it’s a newsletter or press release, technical document or image brochure, a sales presentation or website – you can be confident you will receive a top-quality translation.

We also know how to deal with the particular challenges posed by specialised translation in the fields of technology, business and medicine.



Whether it’s a contract, article, presentation, lecture, annual report, patent or simply ensuring that your business correspondence is written in perfect English, we offer reliable, fast assistance in a wide range of business areas. Subject matter may include tenders, economic policy, customs, commerce, accounting and much more.



If your production is to run smoothly and safely, it is vital that the technical documentation relating to your machinery and equipment is absolutely accurate. But well-written, professionally translated documents also provide direct economic benefits. They can lead to a reduction in claims due to defects and savings on client-care costs by helping you to avoid perceived or actual problems caused by operating errors. We are experienced in the following areas: plant and mechanical engineering; plastics, chemical, thermal and mechanical process engineering; automotive; testing and control methods; IT; automation; vacuum technology and more.


Medical sciences

We offer specialist translations, including expert reports, medical certificates, study protocols, pack inserts (information leaflets), product descriptions, handbooks for electromedical equipment, test results, instruction manuals for medical equipment, medical software, etc.


The majority of our professional translators hold dual qualifications: they have also studied engineering, business or medical technology. This means they are well-equipped to deal with the challenges presented by this kind of specialist translation. We would rather turn down a job than deliver a poor result.  You can rely on our expert knowledge of the subject matter and the language involved.




We would be pleased to appoint or recommend an interpreter in Germany or abroad for your conferences, business meetings or foreign trips. We can also help you decide whether you need simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.


We offer:

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Interpreting for negotiations


When selecting an interpreter, we take into account the interpreter’s specialist knowledge and their proximity to the conference location. We have access to a pool of qualified, experienced conference interpreters.


Multilingual transcription

Do you need professional and accurate transciption of your audio data? Let us take this off your hands. Whether it is interviews, talks, discussions, expert interviews, dictation, documents, conferences, lectures, podcasts or scientific data – every single text is transcribed with the utmost care.

Depending on your requirements, we can transcribe your audio data in line with simple or complex transcription rules (such as GAT 2 and HIAT). Every transcription is carefully researched to ensure the accuracy of specialist terminology and proper names. Our service includes careful transcription and meticulous proofreading.

We can handle all common digital audio formats (mp3, mp4, wav, dss, wma, ogg, etc.) and of course we treat everything as strictly confidential. Your personal audio data will be deleted from our server 4 weeks after delivery of the transcript. And of course we are always happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.