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Language means communication. Language is vital to the success of your business.

language means business is an established language training and translation company. We specialise in five key languages: Chinese, German, English, Russian and Spanish. Upon request we can also provide services in other languages.

We will help your company to achieve international success by coaching your staff and translating your business documentation. We provide individual solutions that are tailored to your particular needs and goals.

What is your company’s key resource? Employees who can communicate in more than one language.


Our team

Language Means Business TeamOur team is made up of qualified, motivated trainers, coaches, language consultants, translators, interpreters and transcribers.

Our team have a real passion and feeling for the languages they work with.  Alongside top qualifications, they also bring a wealth of hands-on experience from the worlds of business, science and technology. This allows us to provide language services that make a real contribution to the success of your business.  The company’s sole proprietor, Michael Coonan, takes personal responsibility for maintaining the excellent standard and quality of our services.



michael-coonanMichael Coonan was born in Ireland and worked for many years as an HR and recruitment consultant to major companies in his home country.  He has a wealth of experience in different sectors and a deep understanding of how people tick. He moved to Germany in 2007 after qualifying as a language trainer and coach  and worked for a number of respected language schools. He has run his own business since 2009 and has developed excellent working relationships with a number of top companies. Michael Coonan also lectures at a local university, the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt in Nürtingen. Over the years, his clients have come to appreciate his warm personality and in-depth understanding of the importance of language for business success.


How we work


LMB 4-phase model

Phase 1 – Definition of job and objectives

  • Job definition with client
  • Number of participants
  • Training location
  • Opportunities for blended learning (e.g. by telephone, e-mail, Skype and combinations thereof)
  • With/without test
  • Definition of services

Phase 2 – Grading

  • Grading tests
  • Online (approx. 20 minutes)
  • Individual grading interview (approx. 20 minutes)
  • Facilitates building groups
  • Makes it possible to group participants together in a sensible way

Phase 3 – Feedback

  • Feedback interview after around 10 weeks
  • with participants
  • with client

Phase 4 – End of course

  • Certificate upon request
  • Testing upon request
  • Evaluation interview with client

New job, new quote, new course


It is important to us that:

  • We offer a transparent, fair pricing structure.
  • We are reliable and flexible, and we always deliver on time.
  • We are keen to build long-term business relationships and expect our work and staff to be of the very highest quality.